Four Professional Fonts To Consider Using For Your Office's Sign

If you own a professional business, such as a real estate office, legal office, or consulting firm, it's essential that your signs have a clean-cut, professional look. The first step in designing those clean-cut, professional signs is choosing the right font. The four following fonts look very professional, and they're also clear and bold enough to be read from a distance. League Gothic League Gothic looks very professional, but it has a more modern feel than the other fonts on this list. [Read More]

How To Make Consumers Notice Your Sign

In a world full of signs and advertisements, your business will need the most effective sign-making techniques. Use Colors Signs with full-color graphics are more noticeable than signs with no graphics. If you have a company logo or mascot that you would like to build brand recognition over, your sign would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Contrast the Sign with the Environment Compare your sign to the surrounding area. [Read More]