Advertising Your Roadside Produce Stand

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Store's Huge Windows

Do you own a storefront with enormous windows? While some may see this as a liability since it allows people to see into the shop easily, big windows are actually a huge advantage to you as a store owner. Here are three ways to maximize your windows' potential and turn them into a money-maker.

Use them to advertise.

Work with a company that designs window graphics to create advertisements and signs to put in your windows. You can use these signs to advertise specific sales or deals, to list your hours, or even to give customers more information about your shop. It's a lot cheaper to install window graphics than to design a big, solid sign for the front of your store. And if you ever change your mind as to what you want your windows to say, you can easily peel off the old graphics and stick new ones on in their place. For more information, contact a company like 10 West Commercial Graphics.

Create window displays of your best products.

Try using your windows as a way of showcasing your product in a more realistic manner. For example, if you sell dinnerware and tablecloths, your items may be stacked on shelves throughout the store. But in the window, you can display them on a table. Perhaps you sell clothing on hangers throughout the store. In your window, you can show some of the clothing items assembled into full outfits on mannequins. This allows passersby to see how your items will look in real life. It also catches their eyes on the sidewalk and entices them to enter the store.

Use them to maximize your energy efficiency.

If you're looking to reduce your store's energy bills, perhaps you just need to turn to the windows. During the summer, clearing items away from the windows and pulling back any drapes will allow the natural light to shine in so you don't have to rely on overhead lights as much. (This will also make your products look more attractive!) In the winter, mount some big, beautiful drapes over the windows. Not only will this help reduce heat loss and lower your energy bills, but it will also showcase the windows as a decor element and make your whole store more attractive.

Once you learn to see big windows as an asset rather than as a liability, your options are endless. Use them as advertising space, sign space, or an energy-efficient barrier. You could even do all three.