Advertising Your Roadside Produce Stand

Why Use Window Decals Instead Of Signs For Your Business?

When you think about signage for your business, you probably instantly think about neon signs, vinyl signs, and other similar options. Although all of these signs can be helpful for advertising any business, there is a better choice -- window decals.  

You can have window decals custom-made by a sign company and can use them for everything from advertising the name of your business to posting your hours of operation. These are a few reasons why you might actually like using decals rather than more traditional signs to advertise your business. 

Save Money

As you might already know, purchasing custom-made signs for your business can be expensive, depending on how big they are and a few other factors. If you are just starting out and do not have a lot of money to spend, you might like the idea of having decals made -- either for temporary use or for permanent use -- instead of spending so much of your start-up money on signage.

Enjoy Ease of Installation

To have big signs installed on your building, you'll typically have to hire and pay someone to do it. With most decals, however, you can handle the installation yourself. If you clean the window well, make sure it's dry and then carefully apply the decal before smoothing it out to get rid of wrinkles and bubbles. This can save you money on labor charges, and it will also allow you to get your decals up right away rather than waiting on someone to come and install your sign.

Take Advantage of Easy Maintenance

Maintaining signs requires a bit of work, since you have to worry about cleaning them regularly. This is not so much the case with decals. Since they are installed on the inside of your window, you do not have to worry about them getting as dirty as they would if they were exposed to the elements. Although you might have to gently wipe them off to get rid of dust every now and then, you'll find that they are very easy to maintain. This can give you one less thing to worry about when you're busy trying to run your company. 

As you can see, window decals can be a great alternative to more traditional signage. You can use all decals, or you can use a mix of decals and other signs. Either way, working with a custom sign company (such as Grande Prairie Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd) will help you ensure that you end up with the perfect decals for your company's needs.