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Four Professional Fonts To Consider Using For Your Office's Sign

If you own a professional business, such as a real estate office, legal office, or consulting firm, it's essential that your signs have a clean-cut, professional look. The first step in designing those clean-cut, professional signs is choosing the right font. The four following fonts look very professional, and they're also clear and bold enough to be read from a distance.

League Gothic

League Gothic looks very professional, but it has a more modern feel than the other fonts on this list. Its letters are bold and much taller than they are wide. Because they are so close together, the lack of serifs leaves more space between them and increases readability. The lowercase letters are only slightly shorter than the uppercase ones, giving the font a very polished, uniform look. The letters "g" and "a" have a more classic appearance than the others.  League Gothic is a very common, easy-to-find font, making it a good choice if you have a lot of marketing materials to design through various agencies and want to make sure you can have the same font throughout.

Roboto Slab

A rather narrow, vertical font, Roboto Slab would be a good choice it you're trying to fit a lot of text on your sign and still want to make sure it's readable. Though tall and thin, the lines that comprise the letters are rather bold, and the small serifs they contain increase their readability from a distance. Roboto Slab resembles an old-style newspaper font. Both its uppercase and lowercase letters are quite boxy with minimal cures.


Oswald's letters are very straight up and down, with more an ovular shape than a rounded one. The capitals are very simple and lack any serifs or embellishments. The lowercase letters are all very close in size – even the "g" and "p" only extend slightly below the bottoms of the other letters. This font, though very professional, has a slightly more laid back feel than the others on this list. It would be great for a computer-related business or marketing agency.

Josefin Slab

A very traditional font, Josefin Slab has slightly rounded letters with discernible serifs. There is a noticeable amount of space between the letters, which makes this font easy to read from a distance. Though the lines are thin, the serifs make them look distinct and easily readable. Lowercase letters, such as "o," "a," and "g" are perfectly round, while letters like "l" and "t" are more boxy. Josefin Slab would be a great font for a traditional, highly professional business like a lawyer's office. It also comes in bold and italic.

Each of these fonts would be complimentary to print and online marketing materials, especially signs. For more information, contact a professional like Sun Signs & Service.